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India: Joshi Technologies to develop Dholka field

15 Dec 2008

The Oklahoma based E&P company Joshi Technologies Inc (JTI) is to undertake development drilling in its producing Dholka oil field in Gujarat. 'The Company's development plan for six-wells, to be drilled in the proven oil bearing part of Dholka field, has been approved,' senior petroleum ministry sources have confirmed.

The wells are likely to be drilled down to a depth of 1,850 metres and will include the NW-11, 16, 18, 22, 23 and 25 wells. A work-over rig from Taylor Rigs LLC is scheduled to complete part of the mega-project. The Rs 40 crore development programme is expected to boost the production of oil in the block, which is presently producing upwards of 480 barrels of oil per day and 25,000 cubic metres of gas per day.

The total estimate of oil reserves in Dholka has been estimated at close to 16 million barrels. Currently there are 24 small producing wells at Dholka and JTI recently drilled four more wells, the DK-28, DK-29, DK-30 & DK-31. Out of these four new wells, three wells are on-stream and are producing 215 barrels of oil per day. Well DK-31 is currently being completed and should be brought on-stream soon.

JTI now has 100% interest in the Dholka project, with ONGC, the earlier operator of the field having abandoned the Dholka exploration block, assuming it to be bereft of new hydrocarbon bearing sands.

Under the current proposal JTI plans to raise production at Dholka in two phases from about 480 barrels of oil per day to 650 barrels per day, by 2009. JTI had put the Gujarat field on production in 2005 and initially started producing from two wells, the DK-21 & DK-22. By March 2007, these two wells together produce about 65 barrels of oil per day.

In 2006 JTI drilled three new wells, the DK-23, DK-24 & DK-25. The three wells together produce about 140 barrels of oil per day. Also in first quarter of year 2007, JTI completed two more wells, the DK-26 & DK-27. These should together produces about 80 barrels of oil per day.

Source: IndianPetro

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