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Nigeria: PGS launches Nigeria Vision 3D depth reprocessing

16 Jan 2024

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PGS, in partnership with NUPRC, has kickstarted the first-ever 3D Vision offshore Nigeria, with final PSDM products expected Q3 2024.

Broadband Imaging of Reservoir Targets

Reprocessing now underway over OPL248 will result in the first 3D Vision product offshore Nigeria.

PGS is rejuvenating ~2000 sq km of 3D data in this area to provide high-quality imaging of Agbada Formation reservoir targets, using a modern broadband processing flow. Final pre-stack depth migration products will be available at the end of Q3 2024. 

The Niger Delta Basin is dominated by up to 12 kilometers of Late Cretaceous-to-Quaternary aged clastics deposited in an upward-coarsening regressive deltaic sequence.

The main source rocks are Akata Formation marine shales and Lower Agbada Formation paralic shales. Proven reservoirs in the basin are dominated by unconsolidated sandstones of the Agbada Formation deposited as stacked turbidite channel and fan complexes. The largest accumulations are trapped in roll-over anticlines in the hanging-walls of growth faults, but hydrocarbons may also be found in fault closures and subtle stratigraphic traps.  

Through PSDM reprocessing, enhanced imaging of targets can be achieved, improving illumination of complex structures associated with the diapiric movement of the Akata Shale Formation.

New modern broadband reprocessing produces seismic data rich in frequency content, with velocity model building enabling clearer imaging of structures, faults, and traps. AVO compliant pre-stack data also helps to reveal subtle depositional features, significantly de-risking exploration. 

Photo - see caption
PGS launches Nigeria Vision 3D depth reprocessing

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For more information or to arrange a data show please contact: 

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Source: PGS

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