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  • E-log

    logs run on a wireline into the borehole. Originally 'Electric' Log but now refers to all such logs (eg. Neutron, sonic, etc).

    Edge water

    water underlying and/or marginal to an oil or gas reservoir.

    Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

    a process whereby oil is recovered other than by the natural pressure in the reservoir; see secondary recovery, tertiary recovery.

    Equity crude

    the proportion of crude oil to which a producing company is entitled as a result of its financial contribution to a project.


    the saturated hydrocarbon (alkane) with two carbon atoms in its molecule (C2H6); the second member of the paraffin series -a gas under normal conditions.

    Ethene (ethylene)

    the simplest member of the alkene series, containing two carbon atoms connected by a double (unsaturated) bond (C2H4); an important raw material in the chemical and plastics industries

    Exploration Drilling

    drilled to find and produce oil or gas reserves not classified as proved, to find a new reservoir in a field previously found to be productive of oil or gas in another reservoir or to extend a known reservoir

    Exploration licence

    a licence to explore for oil or gas in a particular area issued to a company by a governing state.

    Exploration phase

    the phase of operations in which a company searches for oil and gas by carrying out detailed geological and geophysical surveys followed up where appropriate by exploratory drilling.

    Exploration rig

    a structure used to carry the equipment needed for exploratory drilling; see jack-up, semi-submersible and drill ship.

    A global information service for upstream oil and gas opportunities - divestitures, farmins and farmouts and licensing rounds.

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