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Country profile: Senegal

Location: Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania
Climate: tropical; hot, humid; rainy season (May to November) has strong southeast winds; dry season (December to April) dominated by hot, dry, harmattan wind
Terrain: generally low, rolling, plains rising to foothills in southeast
Size: 196190 sq. km total (Land area: 192000 sq. km  Water area: 4190 sq.km)
Population: 12,853,259 (July 2008 est.)
Languages: French (official), Wolof, Pulaar, Jola, Mandinka
Government: republic
Capital city: Dakar
Legal system: based on French civil law system; judicial review of legislative acts in Constitutional Court; the Council of State audits the government's accounting office; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction with reservations
Currency: based on French civil law system; judicial review

Country profile

Regional leaders created the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on May 28, 1975 in Lagos, Nigeria. ECOWAS is comprised of 15 countries, which include: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire , The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria , Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo. The leaders established ECOWAS to promote regional integration and economic growth in West Africa, as well as to create a monetary union in the region. However, ECOWAS has encountered problems in the process of regional integration including: political instability and lack of good governance that has plagued many member countries, the insufficient diversification of national economies, the absence of reliable infrastructure, and the multiplicity of organizations for regional integration with the same objectives.

The French colonies of Senegal and the French Sudan were merged in 1959 and granted their independence as the Mali Federation in 1960. The union broke up after only a few months. Senegal joined with The Gambia to form the nominal confederation of Senegambia in 1982, but the envisaged integration of the two countries was never carried out, and the union was dissolved in 1989. The Movement of Democratic Forces in the Casamance (MFDC) has led a low-level separatist insurgency in southern Senegal since the 1980s, and several peace deals have failed to resolve the conflict. Nevertheless, Senegal remains one of the most stable democracies in Africa.

Senegal was ruled by a Socialist Party for 40 years until current President Abdoulaye WADE was elected in 2000. He was reelected in February 2007, but complaints of fraud led opposition parties to boycott June 2007 legislative polls. Senegal has a long history of participating in international peacekeeping.

Energy production and consumption

Oil Gas
Production:   2 billion cu m (2006 est.)
Consumption: 35,000 bbl/day (2005 est.) 2 billion cu m (2006 est.)
Exports: 3,889 bbl/day (2005 est.)  
Imports: 37,180 bbl/day (2005 est.)  
Major fields:

Senegal - recent news

28 Apr 21
Senegal: FAR shareholders approve sale of Senegal RSSD project to Woodside
FAR Limited has advised that at the General Meeting of FAR shareholders held April 28 and adjourned from 15 April 2021, shareholders approved the sale of the Company’s Senegal RSSD project to Woodside.
06 Apr 21
Senegal: PetroNor recommences arbitration regarding its Senegal licences
PetroNor has announced that it has been unable to reach a satisfactory solution with Senegal through the suspension period regarding its Rufisque Offshore Profond and Senegal Offshore Sud Profond licence and will therefore recommence the formal arbitration process.
15 Mar 21
Senegal: FAR sets new date for shareholder meeting to approve sale of its interest in the RSSD Project to Woodside Energy
FAR Limited has provided an update on the non-binding indicative proposals which it has received from Remus Horizons and Lukoil in relation to its proposed sale of its interest in the Rufisque, Sangomar and Sangomar Deep (RSSD) Project, offshore Senegal, to Woodside. FAR has set a new date for shareholder approval of the sale.
20 Jan 21
Senegal: FAR signs RSSD Project sale contract with Woodside
FAR Limited has previously advised that Woodside Energy (Senegal) exercised its pre-emptive right to acquire FAR's interest in the Rufisque, Sangomar and Sangomar Deep (RSSD) Project, offshore Senegal. On 19 January 2021 the FAR group executed a Sale and Purchase Agreement with Woodside in relation to the sale.
17 Dec 20
Cairn returns USD250 million to shareholders following sale of Senegal assets
Cairn has announced that, following the approval of the sale of all of its interests in Senegal to Woodside, the Company will pay a special dividend of 32 pence per eligible ordinary share amounting to a return of approx. US$250m or £188m to shareholders.

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